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Taking A Stand: Possible Posey County fertilizer plant

The number of Roadside Bombs, also known as IED's used by the Taliban, reached a record number in Afghanistan in 2012 and are the leading killers of U.S. and NATO troops.

The primary explosive material is Ammonia Nitrate fertilizer, which the Pentagon says is smuggled from a Pakistani Company, the Fatima Group.

Our military and Foreign Relations Committees have pushed for stronger controls and solutions with the Fatima Group to curtail the smuggling.

Frankly the Fatima Group has refused to cooperate. They refused to consider adding dyes to their fertilizer to make it easier to spot crossing the border.

US officials have photos of tons of Fatima Fertilizer confiscated in Afghanistan.

Posey County officials and South West Economic Development officials are negotiating with Midwest Fertilizer, a subsidiary of the Fatima Group, to fund a $1.6 billion fertilizer plant in Posey County and using nearly $1.3 billion in taxpayer funded bonds to help lure the facility to the county.

Some officials admit there is a red flag with this company, while others won't comment until the deal is done.

It could mean 300 well paying new jobs.

Unfortunately, my stance is that the deal should be refused.

Don't let anybody connected with this deal tell you there is no connection to the Taliban and deadly IED's.

Senator Bob Casey, the Democratic member of the Foreign Relations Committee, has conducted several hearings and investigations. The evidence is clear that Ammonia Nitrate is killing our troops in Afghanistan and the only place they get it is from the Fatima Group.

We don't want them here. That's my stand, what's yours? 

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