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City leaders share more on automated trash collection

Automated trash collection is the wave of the future in Evansville, and Wednesday night, city leaders hosted a traveling city hall meeting to tell people more about it. 

The city is in the middle switching to an automated trash and recycling pick up program. Over the next three months, Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Superintendent Ed Ziemer says they'll be distributing 84,000 new carts to customers, but it's been a slow process.  

And not without a few kinks. Just ask Sidney Brown. He went Wednesday night for help in getting a new trash and recycling cart. 

"Well what it was, they came by and picked up the gray cans and it's been three weeks ago and they left us without cans. They went to one side of the street, and the other side but forgot us," Brown said.

"That's the part that's bothering me right now because I want to have everybody on the program. We're talking about how it works. Well, if you haven't gotten a cart yet, you can't do it," Ziemer said.

Ziemer says, in terms of service, nothing has changed. The city is now simply supplying carts which will be picked up with automated trucks.

The trucks were ordered in October and haven't even been delivered yet.  Right now, the city is borrowing a few trucks to service customers who already have the new trash and recycling carts.

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