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Warning sirens stay silent in StormReady Dubois Co.

Just after Dubois County was declared "Storm Ready" by the National Weather Service, their sirens didn't sound during the tornado warning early Wednesday morning.

911 communications director Janice Love told 14 News that crews have been working on testing those sirens all day. She said after a successful test Wednesday afternoon the sirens are up and running again.  

Love said she thinks there was an interference causing the group page not to work early Wednesday morning.  

Dubois County resident Linda Kaiser said she was concerned for people who rely on sirens alone, to let them know when to take cover.

"I did not hear any sirens going off last night, but I did hear it when it was raining really hard and the wind was blowing really, really hard. I was concerned about the storm and thinking, 'wonder what's happening,' but that's about it," Kaiser said.

Love said even though that group page did not sound, dispatchers were ready last night to sound the sirens individually just before the tornado warning was canceled.

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