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Surprise charge going through on accounts of Aztar patrons

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There's been a surprise charge on the bank accounts of some Casino Aztar patrons. About a month after their visit, many customers were charged for a second time.

The casino wouldn't give an exact number of how many people were affected, but say it was about one percent of the customers who visited Max and Erma's or Hoosier's Lounge during one week in the month of December.

You could see the double charge, if you visited one of those two places between December 5 and December 11. The second charge would have shown up this week for most on January 23.

The casino said they were upgrading their computer system and somehow some customers were doubled charged.

A group of 15 who dined at Max and Erma's on December 11, who happen to notice the second charge almost immediately after it appeared last week.

"My concern is seriously how many people do not check their online checking or don't even have online checking, and have dined down there in December and have absolutely no idea these charges have gone through," said a woman who has been charged.

The woman you just heard has been trying to get her money back for a week, since she saw the charge.

The casino says customers do not need to contact them or their bank, they should all see their money refunded within 72 hours.

No word on whether overdraft fees will be returned.

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