Blueberry cupcakes!

Well, I managed to avoid the bat call to come in overnight or extremely early this morning to cover the weather.  In fact, I am somehow avoiding it altogether!  Sometimes it just works out that way.  Honestly, covering severe weather (while not usually very physically enjoyable) isn't always that bad.  A bit of an adventure now and then.  However, I'm not complaining about missing out on the adventure today. :)

Instead, I came in early to cover the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau meeting.  We usually get quite a few good little newsworthy tidbits from those meetings. :)  Today was no different.  Nothing huge, but three different stories I was able to write up!  One of them was about a new coffee table book called "Evansville At Two Hundred" that the CVB will soon have for sale.  It's got a ton of pictures documenting Evansville's history.  Pretty neat, if you ask me!


Now, because that meeting was so early, I actually had some free time this afternoon to go shoot an interview for another story I'm working on.  I mentioned it before, I think.  It's about a special needs cheer team in Evansville that is pretty COOL!  This is one of their stars, Kenzie.  She's 11 and has Down syndrome, but that sure doesn't keep her from smiling! :).  I copied her pose. :)

Tomorrow night I'll be going to shoot another one of the team's performances.  Hopefully this time it goes a little more smoothly than my last attempt!  (I was all set up ready to go… and then things changed at the last minute.  I ended up filming the routine from behind.  Not exactly good tv!)  Take 2!!!

I also wanted to show off this lovely blueberry cupcake that my fellow reporter, Ally Kraemer, made.  Well, she made more than one.  This was just the one I ate. :)

Blueberry cupcakes are kind of interesting.  It was good, don't get me wrong.  Just kind of unusual!  Thanks, Ally, for the sugar fix this afternoon!  Yay!

Well, glad our weather last night/this morning wasn't any worse.  Thanks for checking in!

Until next time,