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O'boro residents thankful only thing lost in storm was sleep

Those high winds and heavy rain that moved through the Tri-State overnight were loud enough to wake up some people in Owensboro as well.

Fortunately, there was little to no reported damage in the area. 

Once the sun came out, it was hard to tell that the storm tore through Owensboro, but residents say last night was a different story.

Late last night, Jerry Manaway heard a loud noise and decided to take a peek outside.

"It sound like it was sleeting to me, and I got up to check and see, and it was raining so hard you couldn't hardly see outside," said Manaway. 

That wasn't the same sound that startled Paul Porter.

"A lot of the wind was blowing real hard. Gives you kind of an eerie feeling," said Porter. 

As the storm approached Daviess County, people braced for impact and started to break out the flashlights, just in case.

"I figured the power was gonna go off, but it never did," said Manaway.

While Manaway and Porter watched the event from their homes, EMA officials and Daviess County weather spotters like Victor Payne were tracking the system.

Things seemed to change once it crossed the county line.

"The way the National Weather Service was putting it out and everything, it seemed like it was gonna be real bad, but like I said, once it gets to Daviess County, it just started breaking apart," said Victor Payne, Daviess County Weather Spotter.

Payne says yesterday's warm temperatures were a sign that it could be a long night.

"Anything could happen at 70 degrees of weather in January. That's just not common," said Payne.

For some, it made for a good scene-setter.

"It would have been a good time to make a good Halloween movie," said Porter. 

The EMA and the Weather Spotters continued to monitor the storm until around 2:30 Wednesday morning.

Because of that heavy rain, anything that hasn't dried up could turn into black ice Wednesday night as the temperatures drop.

That's something you'll want to keep in mind if you're on the roads. 

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