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Final dragon hatches at Memphis Zoo

(Source: Memphis Zoo) (Source: Memphis Zoo)
(Source: Memphis Zoo) (Source: Memphis Zoo)

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis Zoo is celebrating the hatching of the final Komodo dragon out of a clutch of 16. Zoo officials have been watching the eggs for three weeks, since the first dragon hatched.

The eggs were laid in late May by a 9-year-old Komodo dragon named Norberta, which was loaned to the zoo for breeding purposes.

"This success is a perfect example of how several zoos can cooperate to achieve a conservation triumph they couldn't attain alone," said Dr. Steve Reichling, curator of reptiles and amphibians.

Out of the 20 eggs that were laid, 16 of them hatched.

The sex of the new Komodo dragons is not known yet. Tests will be done in the spring to determine which are male and which are female. Once that is done, the babies will be named.

The Dragon's Lair is where the Komodo dragons can be seen. Right now it houses three adult dragons. It opened in 1998.

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