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Storm leaves behind flooding, downed trees

(WMC-TV) - One person was killed in the Nashville area as a result of the same storm that passed through the Mid-South overnight and into Wednesday morning.

The man took shelter in a shed, which then collapsed on top of him during the storms.

In addition to the life it took, the storms caused a lot of flooding and damage in the form of toppled trees. One woman feared for her life when her car began filling up with water at the intersection of Winchester Road and Getwell Road.

When Monica Buenaventura drove into the intersection early Wednesday morning, the street was covered in several feet of water.

"And the next thing I know it's just straight into the water, tried to put my car in reverse twice, Tried to have it go, couldn't. Next thing I know my passenger side was filling up, I called my brother and dad freaking out," she said. "Called my boyfriend freaking out and I look over and my passenger side is filled up."

Buenaventura says she jumped out her car and ran through water up to her thighs. Nearby, there was an 18-wheeler also stuck in the water and she was able to climb inside.

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