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New map answers power outage questions

With strong winds come the possibility of power outages.

Now, one Tri-State power company has a new way for customers to keep track of power outages and when to expect the lights to come back on.  

Weather like this has a huge impact on utility companies. Winds can bring down lines and sometimes even the utility poles themselves.  

Of course, even if one lines is cut that an affect thousands of customers. In Kentucky, the Kenergy Corporation is rolling out a new version of its interactive map that answers a lot of questions they get from customers.  

All of you have to do is go to Kenergy's website, click on the area that's affected, and see up to date information about that outage, including the one thing we all want to know, how long will the power be out?

"The estimated restoration time is a new feature that we have on there and people can access our outage map and find out approximately, that's why it's called estimated restoration time, approximately how long we think it's going to take to fix their outage," said Renee Beasley Jones with Kenergy.

Another improvement- you can now see that same map on your smartphone.  

To get to that map, click here.

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