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Kenergy to see slight increase in monthly bills

Kenergy customers will soon see a slight increase in their monthly bills. 

The Kentucky Public Service Commission announced its decision Tuesday in a rate adjustment case from 2011. The case involves Big Rivers, the Kenergy supplier.

The PSC says that decision will only have a small impact on residential customers, meaning about 45 cents per month more on their electric bills.

Customers who will see that increase are Kenergy customers locally, along with two other cooperatives in other parts of Kentucky, all three get their power from Big Rivers.  

The PSC says the rate adjustment will correct a $450,000 mathematical error and adds legal costs that should have been included in 2011. 



"For a few months, it's going to be more than 45 cents a month, but once that arrearage has been recovered, it will be about 45 cents a month. So, not a huge impact on residential customers," said Andrew Melnykovych with Kentucky PSC. 

The PSC says that minor temporary increase may occur in February, once the PSC approves Big Rivers's requests.

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