Inside the Jury of a Convicted Internet Predator

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

Newswatch got an inside look at the trial of an accused internet predator, found guilty as charged.
Forty-five-year-old, Raymond Davenport of Arizona, now faces up to thirty years in prison for taking a thirteen-year-old Perry county girl across state lines with the intent to have sex.
The foreperson of the federal jury told Newswatch there was plenty of evidence to convict Davenport.
Beth Dickinson served as foreperson for the jury, who convicted 45-year-old Raymond Eugene Davenport of luring a 13-year-old Indiana girl through sexually explicit online chats.
After two years of online conversations, Davenport met the Perry county girl and drove her across the state line to a Louisville hotel room where FBI agents found the girl.
Dickinson explained, "Transcripts were the most telling ... Sexually explicit about what he wanted to do after meeting her."
Prosecuting Assistant U.S. Attorney, Todd Shellenbarger, said the investigation into Davenport's personal computer gave away any chance of a solid defense.
Shellenbarger said, "On the computer we found individual chat logs. It was the most powerful evidence that demonstrated his intent."
Dickinson said the defense tried to argue that there was never any sexual contact and that it was a consensual relationship between Davenport and the girl.
"Regardless of her interest, he was the adult in the relationship and he should've known better. "

An intent that left no doubt in jurors' minds, "100 percent ... There was no doubt he was guilty."

Raymond Davenport faces five to thirty years in federal prison. He'll be sentenced November 9th.