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More money goes missing from mail, few answers from USPS

More cases of stolen money and gift cards from mail in Evansville.

"It had been opened, and the 25, 20 dollars cash had been taken out and the envelope was taped shut and then mailed to her," said local resident Stacy Davis, whose niece is the most recent of dozens of people who say the same thing happened to them.

"I just hate that it happened to her, or anybody. It's just really sad," said Davis.

Davis contacted the Post Office.

"I've called them twice," said Davis. "They're going to check into it. They would email the supervisor, and the Postmaster in Evansville,  because all of the mail is processed out of Evansville," she said.

So how is the Postal Service handling the problem? We tried to find out, but employees at the West Wabash location tell us they can't comment.

We called the district office and were told the case had been handed over to the Office Inspector General, but we could not get ahold of him.

USPS officials did however say If you have to make a report, don't call your local post office, instead call this number to make a direct report:

Stacey has already made a report, but her feelings have changed.

"Sad. I thought I could trust the Post Office, but apparently not," she said.

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