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New details emerge in new Posey Co. nitrogen fertilizer facility


The Indiana Finance Authority issued $1.26 billion in bonds for the development of a new nitrogen fertilizer facility in Posey County. 
According to state documents, the plant will be owned and managed by Midwest Fertilizer Corporation out of Delaware.   

The document lists a conglomerate in Pakistan as the sponsor companies of the Midwest Fertilizer Corporation.  According to a copyrighted article in the Washington Times published on Sunday, that conglomerate, the Fatima Group has "refused the Pentagon's urgent directive to control who gets ahold of the fertilizer and how they use it."

Fertilizer is a known ingredient in homemade explosives used in Afghanistan. 

The article also states that part of the money used to start up that new plant comes from US taxpayers.

Some Posey County residents 14 News talked with had mixed feelings about the new facility, praising new jobs and expressing some concerns.

"I think that's a really good idea to put it in so people like myself can go get a job to support their family. I think that's a big issue that they need to address quickly if they're going to put it in Posey County," resident Avion Drake said. 

We reached out to the Posey County Economic Development partnership who couldn't comment on the project today since it's still in early stages.  

To read that article from the Washington Times, click here.

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