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More step forward, suspect thief stealing gift cards out of mail

We've received several calls about stolen gift cards since our report this weekend. 

Evansville resident Janice Jones sent a birthday card to her granddaughter in Missouri, but when the card arrived, it had been taped up and the gift card inside, stolen. Jones discovered the card had been used at Evansville's west side Walmart.

In addition to all our Facebook comments, we've heard from two more viewers who mailed from the west side, and one from the north side, who all say the same thing happened to them.

On Monday, Evansville resident Carrie Young tells 14 News that her aunt mailed a birthday card from the west side two weeks ago, but when she opened the card, a gift card and money was missing.

Young says her aunt mailed a $10 gift card and $10 in cash, both missing from the card. She tells us when she inspected the envelope, she noticed a small cut covered by a four-inch piece of clear tape.  

Young and a couple other Evansville residents we've talked with say they've contacted the USPS with complaints, but haven't yet heard back.

Young says this situation makes her think twice about sending gift cards through the mail.

"If you send cash, nobody really knows that you have cash in there, but if you have that gift card, they can feel it. Whoever is doing this is, is trying to you know, get the gift cards," Young said.

We've contacted the USPS Office of the Inspector General. They haven't returned our call.

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