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Toyota ranks first on list of top automakers

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In numbers released on Monday, Toyota ranks among the top automakers. 

The company sold more than 9.7 million vehicles last year, more than General Motors and Volkswagen. 

Toyota's also doing well in the Tri-State.

Vehicle sales are up, and that's keeping employees busier than normal at the Toyota Plant in Princeton. 

"We have been working production overtime pretty regularly over the past couple of weeks," Toyota spokesperson Kelly Dillon said. 

Kelly Dillon with Toyota says the Princeton Plant turned out 50,000 more cars in 2012 than the year before, something she calls a good sign.

"When they make larger purchases like homes and vehicles, which is one of their major investments over a lifetime, it's certainly a good indication that the economy in stable or improving and consumers feels good about making those large investments," Dillon said. 

"I think I'm sold," said Barry Crane who's looking for a new car. 

Crane says he's ready for a new car and says now is the time to buy. 

"It's just that time. I have most of my stuff paid off, I'd like to get one more car and I like Toyota's," Crane said.

Butch Hancock, the general manager of Kenny Kent Toyota, says sales both nationwide and locally are up.

"I'll be honest with you. I think a lot of consumers today are just tired of driving that 11 year old car," Hancock said. 

Hancock says sales are up about 37 percent at the Evansville dealership. That's enough to hire more sales reps.  

"We're short of sales people. We could actually hire at least a half a dozen more sales people," Hancock said. 

Toyota Motor Corporation sold over 9.7 million vehicles last year, making them the world's top auto maker. Detroit based General Motors came in second, selling just under 9.3 million vehicles. 

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