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Filling in on Sunrise!

I'm getting ready to head out for the day, after working the lovely Sunrise shift!  All went well this morning.  Because our morning photographer was also sick today (I was filling in for Emily), I stayed at the station for my segments.  Fine by me since it was a little on the soggy side this morning!  At least it is warmer, though, even if it won't last:)

Today after the show I spent part of the morning at Resurrection School where they were kicking off Catholic Schools Week with a prayer service.  Each grade made its own flag to represent what a Catholic School means to them.  They presented those during the service and gave an explanation of what they created. 


Being a St. Ben's kid, I remember those Catholic Schools Week days.  Always meant fun dress up days:)

Afterwards, I spent close to an hour at EPD headquarters planning out a story I'm working on with their public information officer.  I got to check out the property room down in the basement and meet the woman who keeps it super-organized.  She is a civilian and has been in charge of the room since 2005.  She told me she has misplaced one thing in all those years, and, even then… she found it.  Just took her a few days.  She told me if someone comes asking for evidence from a specific case, she pretty well knows where it is.  This is pretty impressive because in some places the boxes reach the ceiling! 


While I was at headquarters, I also quickly met the 6 new recruits who will be sworn in as police officers later today.  They were a nice, polite bunch.  I wish them well.  Becoming a police officer is a bit of a process, so I hope they are able to enjoy this day!  Congrats to them!

Finally, back at the station, I looked at one of the newsroom tvs and noticed Don Mattingly was paying Mike a visit on Midday.  Decided to kind of wait it out in the hallway and get a picture with him before he left.  Didn't really get to chat, just told him I was a Memorial grad as well. 


The last time I "ran into" Donnie Baseball was about a year ago.  He happened to be sitting at the table across from ours at a restaurant.  Joked with him and the people he was with about the amazing-looking dessert they had!  Ha!

Anyway, time to go take a nap, pay some bills, hopefully do some laundry.

Back to regular schedule tomorrow!

Until next time,


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