New Home FAQs

Find answers to your frequently asked questions here, from Eagle Construction .

Are Eagle Homes built on a slab or on crawl?
At Eagle Construction we are committed to the best known construction of a new Home and that starts from the ground up. We build only foundations with a crawl space that is insulated and conditioned as well as a perimeter drainage system to a sump pit w/ sump pump then covered with Pea gravel and a layer of plastic for a moisture barrier.

How long does it take to build a Home?
Keeping in mind the weather is our biggest concern, our average time from when the builing permit is pulled until closing is between 80—90 days.

What size of electrical service are in Eagle Homes?
In this case size really does matter! We only install a 200 amp service in all the homes we build. Included with this service is a +5 Electrical Protection Plan!

Are the water lines Copper or Plastic?
You may save but we don't scrimp on the Quality of Eagle Homes! We only use Copper water lines throughout.

Is there a Warranty on a new home?
Yes!! Eagle Homes carry a 10 year limited warranty. This is covered through Professional Warranty Corp (PWC) one of the longest standing Warranty companies for New construction.

Do I need to get a construction loan in order to build my home?
With some builders you might. At Eagle we make this process as simple as possible by taking the loan out during the construction period saving you time and money since you will not pay one penny in interest during the construction of your New Home.

How are the walls constructed?
Don't judge a book by its cover….Is true even in building of a Home! At Eagle we take Pride in our construction of all parts of your Home especially what you can't see! That's why we build all walls with 2 x 4 studs on 16" centers.

I have seen the Energy Star logo on appliances, but can a whole house be rated?
Yes!! Eagle Construction started rating their homes back in October 2001. Homes are tested by an independent third party to guarantee that our homes are at least 30% more efficient than a home built to the Model Energy Code. That's hundreds of dollars of savings each year!!

Do I have to buy all my appliances separate?
No! All Eagle Homes come with a Self cleaning range with timer, range hood, dishwasher, garbage disposal and garage door opener . If you wish you can add more to your list and pick from our many options at our Showroom .

Is there any incentive for me to do my own painting?
Yes! We have a $2,000 or $2,500 paint and cleanup allowance available. We will give you written step by step instructions to follow if you choose to take advantage of this program. Many will use this program to add all the frills or just upgrade a few items at our Showroom.

What kinds of lights do you use?
Eagle knows everyone has different taste so we give you the chance to customize your lighting to your liking! You are given a lighting allowance and a private specialist at Fan and Light World in order to pick out your lighting package. Our healthy discounts (not the retail sticker) are given direct to you to get more for your money.

If I have more questions who should I contact?
You can call any Eagle Sales Consultant:
Glenn Brown 499-9169
Karen Reis 453-2033