Our Home Voting Results

This is where you can find the voting results from Our Home. Each week, when the vote is over, the results of the vote will be added here.

You can watch the progress of Our Home at the Carrington Meadows Subdivision.


Week 1 - Floorplan

The Winner for Week 1 was the Pine with Bonus.

This winning option is a 1640 square foot ranch with a 246 square foot finished bonus room. Click the image to see a larger view of the Pine floorplan.

Week 2 - Windows

The Winner for Week 2 was Double Hung Windows.

This option is a more traditional window with 2 sliding window sashes. Sashes can be tilted in for easy cleaning. Screens are installed on the exterior of the window.

Week 3 - Front Door

The Winner for Week 3 was the Heritage Half Glass Door.

This door features a 22"x36" glass insert of clear renaissance and soft wave glass. This door will provide ample natural light while maintaining privacy with obscure glass.

Week 4 - Exterior Color

The Winner for Week 4 was the Kings Mill.

This exterior color is a dark red brick with brown contrasts.

Week 5 - Cabinets

The Winner for Week 5 was the Bay Cherry.

Cherry cabinets with a deep, rich, classic finish.

Week 6 - Lights

The Winner for Week 6 was the Oil Rubbed Bronze light fixtures.

Week 7 - Interior Color

The Winner for Week 7 was Cream interior paint color.

Week 8 - Concrete

The Winner for Week 8 was Aggregate concrete.

This option allows for a 17' drive and a 12x12 patio.

Week 9 - Furniture

The Winner for Week 9 was Option #2.

Click on the image to see a larger view of this furniture selection.

Week 10 - Carpet

The Winner for Week 10 was Dresden Heights carpet.

Friesz style carpet of 100% continuous filament P.E.T polyester with Scotchgard.

Week 11 - Appliances

The Winner for Week 11 was Stainless Steel appliances.

Week 12 - Door Hardware

The Winner for Week 12 was the Nickel Plymouth Handle option: Exterior Nickel Plymouth Handle with Interior Nickel Lever.

Week 13 - Mortgage Type

The Winner for Week 13 was the 30 Year Fixed Mortgage option.

For a $185,000 home with 20% down leaving a mortgage of $148,000: 6% 30 Year fixed - monthly principal and interest payment is $888.

Because they offer a monthly payment that is known and does not change, fixed-rate mortgage loans remain the most popular type. A 30-year loan has lower payments, but a slightly higher interest rate, than a 15-year loan. To pay off a fixed-rate loan sooner, you should be allowed to make prepayments anytime and for any amount, and at no penalty. (For more information, visit Old National)