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O'boro school closed Monday due to water line break


School official tell 14 News that class will be held on Tuesday after Owensboro High School was closed Monday because of a water line break in front of the school.

It happened early Monday morning. Officials say there was no water being supplied to the school and crews were working to make repair.

Once crews arrived here at the scene, they determined that just Owensboro High School was affected by the break.  

That's because the problem's technically called a service line break and it meant that all water to the high school, bathrooms, cafeterias, and fountains was completely shut off. For the school, the decision to close was a no-brainer.  

"So that made the call pretty easy. When we don't have water, we can't go to school," said David Johnson with Owensboro Public Schools. 

After that, word spread among staff, parents, and students.    

"We have a pretty good process in place where the high school has an emergency phone tree, a text and an e-mail tree, where they start altering the staff," Johnson said.  

Meanwhile, OMU crews continued to work on the break across the street from the high school. 
The company explains how traffic was also affected.  

"In the midst of this, we've had to close down the two northbound lanes of Frederica Street and also the access from 18th Street to Frederica Street," Sonya Dixon said. Dixion is with Owensboro Municipal Utilities.  

Workers were at the site within minutes.

"We take water service very seriously. We know that it's important to you in your home, your business, and obviously to the schools, so we respond to those calls very quickly," Dixion said.  

Despite the problem, the school isn't surprised that there wasn't a line of confused students and parents this morning.  

"It spreads pretty quickly with kids, because they all have electronic devices, and it doesn't take long for them to find out we don't have school," Johnson said.  

Right now, crews say they aren't sure if those recent frigid temperatures played a role in the break.  

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