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Leave the Coat at Home

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Forget the Coat

No need for your heavy winter coat today. Temps are well above normal and will reach 60 degrees. We're also preparing for possible severe weather on Tuesday night and record-breaking temperatures. Chad is tracking it all beginning at 4:30 this morning on Sunrise.


One man remains in critical conditions this morning after an explosion at an Illinois business over the weekend. We have the story from Grayville at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 on Sunrise.

Mourning the Dead

The death toll is climbing from a horrific fire that killed more than 230 people at a night club in Brazil. A local gym is now a makeshift morgue as families try to locate their loved ones. Find out what may have caused the fire coming up at 6:30.

No Water

Some of you on Evansville's west side are without water this morning due to a broken valve. We'll tell you where it is coming up at 6 a.m.


If you missed the Screen Actors Guild awards last night, we have a recap of the big winners including stars from NBC's 30 Rock. The series' finale is coming up later this week.

Brandon Bartlett is in for Dan this morning. He joins me at 5, but I'll see you at 4:30!


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