Wintry mix possible early Sunday, then mild and stormy

Even with temperatures a bit below normal on Saturday, all of that ice from Friday has melted.  Unfortunately, there is a small chance for a wintry mix... including light freezing rain, on Sunday.


A warm front will approach the tri-state on Sunday, touching-off scattered light rain ahead of it.  I'm expecting lows in the mid to upper 20s early Sunday, so if the moisture moves in before temps warm above freezing, we could see some light freezing rain or possibly sleet.  I'm most concerned with SW Indiana & S Illinois, rather than W Kentucky, which should escape this.

The good news is if we do see any freezing rain, it will be light and pretty brief, somewhere within the 8am-10am time frame.


The warm front will move through and temperatures will rise as we go into the afternoon and evening.  In fact, I think we'll have an afternoon high somewhere in the low 40s, with mid to upper 40s in the evening and overnight Sunday.


We'll be south of the warm front on Monday, meaning we'll be in the warm sector with few triggers to touch off widespread rain, only a few isolated/scattered showers.  Highs will be around 60... almost 20 degrees warmer than average.


Here's where it gets messy.  This is an outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Tuesday(in red) and Wednesday(in purple) for areas that could see strong storms.

As you can see, the tri-state is right on the northwestern edge of the risk for Tuesday.

As a strong cold front approaches, numerous showers and thunderstorms should break out late Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Some of these could be strong to severe.  At this point, given the probability that we'll see a line of storms, damaging winds will be the greatest threat with any hefty thunderstorms.  We'll, of course, keep you posted.