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O'boro man confronts burglar who smashed his way into store

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An Owensboro man confronted a burglar who had just smashed his way into his brother's store on Thursday night.

James Gillaspie helps out at his brother's store in Owensboro, and he never expected to find a burglar breaking into the store.

Gillaspie was watching TV in the back of Junior's Furniture and Consignment Thursday night when a noise grabbed his attention.

"I just heard this big loud bang at the front of the building and so I kind of came out the door," Gillaspie said.

Gillaspie went to find out what the noise was, and as he walked toward the front of the store, he says he saw a man stealing MP3 players from a machine that the man had just smashed. He yelled at the burglar who then booked it out of a window that was also smashed.

Gillaspie says he ran after him.

"I think I was upset that he was even in here, and at the same time, I wasn't really thinking really. It was just going to fast," Gillaspie told 14 News.

Gillaspie chased the burglar across the parking lot before deciding to stop because he didn't know if the burglar had a weapon. He went back to the store and called 911.

"A K-9 unit did come out. They did a track over sort of across the street to the apartments," said Detective Larry Wilbanks with Daviess County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's department is still looking for the burglar. Gillaspie says the burglar caused more than $1,500 in damage to the store.

The Daviess County Sheriff's Department says to contact Owensboro Crimestoppers if you have any information about the incident.

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