I'm on top of the world!!

Hoo-rah!  Friiiiiday!!!  Very excited, as always, for a little break from all the action. J  It should be a pretty fun weekend!  I'm a judge tomorrow for Youth Resources' "Big Man on Campus" male pageant, featuring some talented high school guys.  Can't wait to see what kinds of skills the fellas have!  I hope it's not too hard to judge.  Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions in situations like that-ha!

Then Sunday, the Lady Aces play again—looking to go 6-1 in the MVC!  Today they had a big 20+ point win in front of more than 3,000 fans (mostly school kids) at the Ford Center.  Today was "Education Day".  So happy the girls are seeing some positive results!

Well, how's this for an interesting view.  This is me flexing my HUGE muscles while standing on top of our live truck this evening.  We had to get some height so we could show a good view of the remains of Roberts Stadium!

We knew the trusses (basically the skeleton of the building) were supposed to come down today.  BUT, we (and no one else) really thought they'd be coming down quite so soon!  Something did not go exactly as planned and the trusses came down this morning.  Our photographer, Andy, just happened to be there and was able to roll on it!  Yay for exclusive video!!! :)

That's all she wrote for today.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!  Apparently it's going to be getting quite a bit warmer next week?? I'll TAKE IT! :)

Until next time,