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Bus flips, truck driver saves the day


A crash happened on Interstate 69 at the Gibson and Pike County line. A bus from Murray, KY slid on the ice and turned on its side. 

14News Reporter, Nick LaGrange was on his was to another crash and stumbled upon the tipped bus. Throughout most of Friday morning, cars have been sliding off the roads on I-69, including that bus which was carrying track and field athletes from Murray State.

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning after one of the Murray State buses headed to Bloomington ran over some ice and slid off the road.

The bus flipped onto its side near the Gibson-Pike County line and police say it was carrying nine people, including the driver.

"I seen what was happening. And they were getting the hatches open on the windows and the roof," says Tracy Hover a truck driver passing by and noticed the crash.

"So, I stopped and the first thing you would do is go over there and get them out, you know? So I just grabbed them by their shoulders and arms and pulled them out of there."

Police also say four people were injured in the wreck and two were taken to Jasper Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. School officials say the Murray State Women's Track and Field team still planned to compete in that track meet in Bloomington.

"I went in the truck, got blankets and got baby wipes for the ones that were bleeding," says Hover.

Police say the most severe injury in the accident was a broken arm and witnesses say they're just happy it wasn't any worse.

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