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Jesus looks on as Evansville landmark is demolished

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An Evansville landmark that stood for more than 80 years, came crumbling down Friday morning.

Church members stood outside for hours this morning so they could say goodbye to a place where they raised their children.

One family called the church home for more than thirty years.

"It means everything to me, my six kids, were raised here. I was saved in this church," member Jackie Case said.

Case and her husband watched and reminisced as the old Trinity Wesleyan Church was torn down.  

"I'm flooded with emotions, happy memories, sadness because our building is no longer here, there's just a lot of memories," Case said. 

Memories of walking up the front steps and meeting in the pastor's study.

Church member Don Simpson watched as the nursery, where many children began their ministry, was demolished.

"I mentioned that we were in the nursery a minute ago, so that is little ones and infants who have started there and grown up in the church and are now out in our community," Simpson said.

One of those followers was Jackie's son, William. 

"William was called into the ministry at this church at the age of 14. He preached his first sermon in this church," Case said. 

William is still active in the ministry and his family says it's all because of this building.

"It would be an Evansville landmark in it's structure of it's ministry to people and as well as it's location geographically at 41 and the Lloyd," Simpson said. 

Despite the demolition this morning, church members and bystanders say it was as if the lord was still looking down on them. A sign perhaps of the power of the church's ministry and everlasting presence in the community.  

"It's just a building, but yea, those memories will be with me forever," Case said.

The demolition is part of the new cloverleaf project that was approved by the state. Construction is expected to begin next year. 

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