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Western Kentucky Parkway slowly opening after semi-truck wreck

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Friday morning's icy conditions are blamed for a wreck involving three semis on the Western Kentucky Parkway in Ohio County.

That wreck caused many drivers on the parkway to sit in their cars for hours, including truck driver Jeff Hamilton.

He left Franklin, Kentucky and was on the road for about an hour and a half before things got very different.

"It was just a little bit wet and rainy and first, then when I got up to here, it was nothing but ice," Hamilton said. 

After that, the drive turned into nothing but waiting.

Dozens of other drivers did the same thing as crews braved the cold and slippery roads to clear the area near the 84 mile marker.

Ohio County EMA Director Charlie Shields paints a picture of the scene when he arrived this morning.

"One is jack-knife, and the other one, to keep from missing it, slid off on the side, went up on its side," Shields said. "Another one side-swiped that one, causing the damage to the box truck."

According to Shields, any and all emergency crews in the county were out working Friday morning.

"This has been really bad today, cause we've had multiple accidents. It's undetermined right now how many accidents we have had in Ohio county. We got 'em from all four corners of Ohio county. We got every wrecker we got's been out running strong right now."

For those who had their patience tested Friday, the impact of the accident may last for a few days.

"I probably won't get home this weekend," Hamilton said. 

Lots of other major roadways in western Kentucky reported accidents and slide offs as well.

Tow trucks had some trouble reaching the scene this morning because of those hazardous conditions.

At one point, 15 salt trucks were out trying to keep the roads as safe as possible.

Remember: Slow down, buckle your seat belt and use extreme caution.  Kentucky Highway crews say they are out spread salt as quickly as possible.

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