Committee arise to make Owensboro business friendly

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - In Daviess County, Owensboro Mayor, Ron Payne recently created a Committee on Business Development to boost economic development in the city. The committee met for the first time this afternoon.

The mayor's Committee on Business Development say they want to encourage business activity in Owensboro and also make it easier for businesses to come to the city.

Gavin Roberts joined the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce more than ten years ago before he says he wanted to grow his business in Owensboro.

"As I have been involved, I wanted to be involved with the leadership and chamber and try to help move the community and chamber forward," says Roberts, the Chairman of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce.

Roberts says he and the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce are behind the mayor in putting together a committee that would make it easier for businesses to come to Owensboro and grow. The Committee, made up of nine people, met for the first time Thursday afternoon and talking about coming up with a survey for business to fill out.

Alan Braden, Chairman of the Mayor's Committee of Business Development says, "to send to businesses in the community to see if they have experiences in growing and starting a business in the last few years, what those experiences wore, and what they suggest or recommend to might have make it better...easier,"

The survey will be made over the next few days and be sent to the committee members for any changes. The Committee will ask the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce to send it out to its members.

The Committee on Business Development says in the future, they hope to come back with recommendations to the community on how to make Owensboro a business friendly city.

They will meet again in two weeks.

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