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Wintry weather timeline

The latest models have sped up the arrival of a wintry mix tonight and early Friday.  Here is a look at the Tri-State at midnight:

You can see the pink shading indicating sleet and freezing rain entering the southwestern corner of the Tri-State.  Road conditions over western Kentucky will deteriorate quickly as the wintry mix picks up in intensity between midnight and 7 am.  Southern Indiana will likely see light sleet or snow with accumulations well under an inch, but still enough to create some slick spots on untreated roads.  Notice the sharp divide between the icy mix (pink) and the all-snow (blue).

Winds will pick up and turn to the northwest by Friday night, so wind chills will once again drop into the single digits as temperatures fall into the lower 20's and upper teens.  Wind speed on this map is indicated by the length of the arrows...the longer the arrow the stronger the winds.

Winds will subside on Saturday and then turn back to the south on Sunday, ushering in much warmer air.  Temps will hit the lower 60's on Tuesday as another strong system moves in from the west.  This time, severe weather will be the main threat, and the Storm Prediction Center has expanded the severe weather risk area to include all the Tri-State.  Tornadoes and severe storms with damaging winds will be possible.

Cold-season tornadoes are fairly common in the Tri-State, so it will be important to keep an eye on this system over the weekend.

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