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KY road crews prepping for upcoming winter weather

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Western Kentucky road crews are getting ahead of the upcoming winter weather. 

In Owensboro, crews spent their day spraying salt brine to prepare.

Owensboro city officials are watching the forecast so they can get a jump on the snow, sleet, and ice heading our way. But you might be surprised to learn, most crews only keep daytime hours.

Right now, Western Kentucky roads are clear, the skies are as well. But a wintery mix is on it's way, and Owensboro road crews were out pretreating on Wednesday to prevent ice from sticking to the roads.

"The time to react for a winter storm is in front of it, so you want to be prepared to be out there. You want your equipment to be ready. You want your material supplies on hand to be loaded," said Wayne Shelton, the Director of Public Works.

And you want to get that brine safely on the roads.

Kentucky Transportation Director Keith Todd says the best time to do that is during the day.

The brine trucks move at slower speeds and that creates an unnecessary hazard at night.

Plus, temps fall at night, and if the temperature drops below 22 degrees, it becomes too cold to pretreat. The brine will just freeze and Todd says, that's dangerous too.

Sometimes rain keeps crews from being able to pretreat the roads, lucky for us, that is not expected to be a problem with this system.  

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