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More steps taken to combat bullying in Henderson schools

Earlier this month, Henderson County Schools surveyed all students in grades three through twelve district-wide to learn how students deal with the issue of bullying.

School officials say they just received the results of that survey. They say they hope those results help keep bullying to a minimum in all county schools. 

"It really just breaks my heart to see people getting pushed around like that," Sydney Carroll.

Seventh grader Sydney Carroll says she knows some students who have been bullied and appreciates the steps the district is taking to help combat an issue that affects students everywhere. 

"I was just happy to see that they cared," Carroll said.

Assistant superintendent Marganna Stanley tells 14 News the survey included ten basic questions, "Where does bullying occur in your school? Have you ever bullied?"

Stanley says elementary students reported that most bullying occurs in the form of name-calling and teasing, and that bullying in older students often starts online.  

"If we don't address the bully issue, then a bully only becomes a more aggressive bully," Stanley said.

North Middle School Principal Chad Thompson says by learning more about what specific areas of bullying need to be addressed, students should be able to relax and enjoy their education.

"It's not a place that you should be afraid to come to, to walk down the halls. You should be here to learn and focus on learning," Thompson said.

"Just having people knowing that they care about what's happening just makes me want to get up in the morning and go to school," Carroll told 14 News.

Administrators say they're still waiting on some high school test results to come back in and then they'll start addressing those specific needs within the schools. 

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