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'Don't Txt and Drive' teaches powerful message to students

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Mater Dei students took a pledge on Wednesday to not text and drive. 

St. Mary's presented its Don't Text and Drive program along with a texting simulator.

Indiana State Police say in Vanderburgh County last year 2,500 crashes were due to distracted driving.

More than 400 of those involved a teenage driver, 82 were injured and one person killed.

St. Mary's presented graphic videos with real life scenarios where people have lost their lives or been paralyzed due to texting and driving. 

"I thought the presentation was really powerful. It was definitely hard to watch at times but I think it's something that we need to see because texting and driving is a huge threat to teenagers today," senior Sarah Kercher said.

"Just talking on your cell phone is a major distraction. I can only hope that we will have a law that prohibits that, but really until we have a law that tells people that they can't talk and drive, we are going to continue to have some major issues on our highways," ISP's Todd Ringle said.

To see some of those graphic videos shown on Wednesday, click here.

Also, if anyone is interested in having St. Mary's present to their school or business, call St. Mary's Trauma Services at 812-485-6817 to schedule an assembly or presentation.

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