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Gov. Mike Pence gives his first State of the State address

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In his first State of the State address, Governor Mike Pence called for a personal income tax cut, an expansion of Indiana's School Voucher System and improved vocational training. 

The theme of his speech, "Good to Greater", building on the government surplus the state inherited from the Daniels administration, and to keep the economy growing Pence wants to put more money back into Hoosiers' pockets.

"Government should only collect what it needs. When government collects more than it needs, it should return that money to the hardworking taxpayers who earned it in the first place. That's why I'm proposing we lower income taxes by 10 percent, across the board, for every Hoosier over the next two years," Gov. Pence said. "Hoosiers work hard. They labor in a fragile economy. They save and invest in their families and businesses and family farms. Why wouldn't we want them to keep more of what they earn?"

The governor used three families' stories during the speech to call for an expansion of the 2011 school overhaul, better services for veterans and new regional councils that would focus on vocational training for high school students.

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