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Cold tonight... wintry mix later in the week

Today's computer models are bringing a little more focus to that storm system that will move in to the region on Thursday and Friday.

The storm will develop late Wednesday and early Thursday to our southwest and move east/northeast.  I think the track will be a bit farther south than it looked like a couple of days ago.

This new track has several implications for the tri-state.  Since the cold air will be hanging around, mainly snow with sleet is likely along the Ohio River and points to the north, including Evansville.  But with most of the moisture to our south, I'm only expecting minor accumulations of around an inch or so. 

Over western Kentucky, a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow are likely with a chance for some freezing rain mixed in.  Although ice accumulations should be on the low side, we all know that it doesn't take much ice to make for some very slick roads. 

Temperatures are going to be critical with this system... as they are with most winter storms.  Here's a graph of projected temps in Evansville late Thursday into the first part of the weekend:

This fast moving system will start late Thursday, most likely after midnight, and last into the morning commute on Friday. 

So, in a nutshell, the Friday morning commute looks to be the time for the greatest impact on travel.  Of course, this system has yet to develop, so this could change.  I'll keep you posted.

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