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Henderson County homeowner shoots at intruder

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Investigators are looking for a man who is probably wishing he didn't break into a Henderson County home Tuesday morning.

Deputies say a man found an intruder in his house, reached for a gun and managed to get off one shot before the burglar took off. It happened off Highway 41A in Cairo.

The homeowner tells 14 News that he was glad his family was out of the house Tuesday morning and glad he has the right to defend himself and his home.

"I came in from work. You know, a usual, typical morning after third-shift work," homeowner Bryant Kincade said.

Kincade tells 14 News he heard noises and noticed an open door that's usually closed. That's when his morning became anything, but typical. Kincade says he saw an intruder in his home.

"I went to the bedroom and grabbed my shotgun. As I turned around, he was coming out of my daughter's bedroom and I shot at him. I missed him," Kincade said.

The Henderson County Sheriff's Office tells 14 News the suspect then drove away in a silver truck. 

As deputies searched for the suspect, Cairo Elementary school kept all exterior doors locked until classes finished for the day.

"I don't know if he was armed or not. Had he been armed and I wasn't armed, I think it would have turned out a lot different," Kincade said.

Kincade tells 14 News that he's pro-choice when it comes to the issue of gun ownership.

"I feel like assault weapons and of the sort are overkill for most situations, but I don't see anything at all wrong with owning at least a shotgun to protect your house," Kincade said.

"By Kentucky law, that person had every right to protect themselves the way they did," said Deputy Rick Lawrence with Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

Kincade says he's just glad his daughter and the rest of his family weren't home.

"It just makes you thankful," Kincade told 14 News.

Deputies say the suspect will face burglary charges.  

Here's a description of the suspect: a white man, who was wearing dark clothes including gloves and a ski mask.

He drove away in a 1990s model silver Chevrolet Truck with tinted windows. 

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

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