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Frigid temps make being outside dangerous

Frigid temps like we will be seeing Monday night and Tuesday can be dangerous and cause frostbite for anyone spending much time outside. 

But it's all about layering your clothing.

The real danger, according to doctors, is exposed skin, especially in sub-zero windchills. When it's sunny out, like it was earlier Monday, some people don't realize how cold it really is. They go out in sweatshirts and jeans and think they're going to be ok, but the elements can quickly begin to take effect.
Dr. Jane Frary with St. Mary's says the same goes for kids, so when they head out for school Tuesday morning, make sure they are prepared.

"Make sure their hands are covered because the places that get affected the most are fingers and toes because they are the places that are going to get the coldest to begin with. So make sure they've got their gloves on. You may want to even double-up on gloves because if you layer, it's going to keep you a little warmer," Dr. Frary said.

Dr. Frary says in temperatures this cold, frostbite can begin to set in after about an hour, but she says it depends on the person and the situation.

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