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Tri-State preparing for bitter arctic blast

Folks in the Tri-State are preparing for the bitter weather coming by picking up some last minute supplies. 

Things like heaters of all sizes, heated blankets, mattress pads, and jackets are flying off the shelves as temperatures are forecasted to dip down low with a wind chill of five below zero.

You've heard of the four P's- protect your pets, plants, pipes, and people.

Earlier 14 News spoke to Bud's Plumbing Service who gave us some tips on keeping your pipes from freezing.

Mark Corn says there is no need to put a heater on your pipes because that can be dangerous, but you can turn up the heat a bit, open cabinet doors, and even leave a little bit of water running.

"The primary thing I would recommend to people right now to do in freezing weather like this is to close their outside air grates, and those are on the perimeter of the house," Corn said. "They are like 8x16 air grates, and there are usually three or four around the outside of people's houses. They want to close them up with some styrofoam board, and of course also the crawl space access. That door needs to be tightly closed as well."

Remember to bundle up the kids on Tuesday as well, as they head back to school from the holiday. Temperatures in the morning are supposed to be in the low teens with a wind chill below zero.

Target says they are just about sold out of heated mattress pads, one of the most popular items this season.

"The heated mattress pads have been flying off the shelves all year. They are a really popular item this season. We have heated throws, heated blankets, anything you can imagine is heated. We also have a great deal on coats, especially ladies and men's coats. A lot of them are 30 to 50 percent off right now," said Christin Lang with Target.

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