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Owensboro marches to remember Dr. King


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Owensboro, there was a march from Apollo High School to Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Those who braved the cold and marched to Kentucky Wesleyan College say it's important to remember that Dr. King's legacy still lives on, nearly 45 years after his death.  

Spirits and voices were high as the community gathered to celebrate one of the most famous civil rights leaders.  

Angela Tutt is part of 10th Street Missionary Baptist Church and brought a group of children to Monday's events. A lot of them had never participated before, and she says there's no time like the present.  

"We just wanted our kids to come, support, and be a part of it," Tutt said.   

If King's teachings didn't exist, Tutt believes today's world would be a very different place.  

"If it hadn't been for Martin Luther King, all the things that he has done for us, President Barack Obama would not be in office today. Our children need to understand where we've come from, where we've gotten to this day, and be very proud and also to participate," Tutt said.  

That idea of educating young people speaks to organizers as well.  

"They need to strengthen their values in basic, important principals," said David Kelly with the Owensboro Human Relations Commission.    

Kelly notes that the holiday is a good chance to do that.  

"It's important that we make an effort every opportunity we get to sound the tone of brotherhood and community, fellowship." Kelly said.  

Tutt noticed that even the frigid walk didn't seem to take the energy out of some of the youngest marchers.  

"In the end, they were very excited about it, and they said they would do it again. So, we hopefully can do this every year with our children," Tutt said.  

A Dr. King Memorial Scholarship was introduced at Kentucky Wesleyan on Monday that will be given to students pursuing lives of service.

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