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Evansville woman suspects her home was targeted by gang graffiti

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An Evansville woman said she thinks her home was targeted by a gang. 

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she returned home yesterday afternoon and discovered her garage door was covered in red graffiti.  She's not sure what the symbols mean, but officials told her it may be something satanic.

"I really hope it's not gang related, I hope it's just a random act and I hope too that nobody was personally targeting us, but yes it does make me uneasy," she said. 

The garage faces a back alley that would have made it easier for vandals to tag.  

Residents said they haven't had problems like this in the past and haven't seen any other graffiti in the area.  

They woman said she'll paint over it tomorrow and hopes it's an isolated incident.

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