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Authorities investigating sexual assault rumors involving middle school students

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The rumors circulated on campus, but the alleged incident was said to have occurred on a Saturday night away from the school. The rumors circulated on campus, but the alleged incident was said to have occurred on a Saturday night away from the school.

The McLean County Sheriff's Office has launched a criminal investigation after an incident involving three middle school boys off-campus.

Some parents said their children heard rumors at school that made them feel uncomfortable.

One parent told us her daughters came home from school this week after hearing a rumor that two eighth grade students had sexually assaulted another student. The sheriff's office says only part of that rumor is true. 

"Anytime an incident comes to our attention whether it's me, the assistant principal or the counselor or any employee in the building we immediately contact law enforcement and I contact the superintendent also and make sure we are following the necessary steps," said Principal Shannon Lindsey.

McLean County Middle School Principal Shannon Lindsey says she alerted the sheriff's office Monday when she learned there had been a possible assault on Saturday evening.

Sheriff Frank Cox says his office was notified on Sunday and an investigation was launched.

School officials say the staff is aware of the sensitive nature of the incident.

"I've debriefed the teachers to have them on lookout to have them watching for any student that may have signs of discomfort, nervousness or upset, and I asked them to let me know when we...I immediately address those students to try to ease their mind and to let them know they are going to be safe here," said Lindsey.

Officials say it is a serious matter and students should not be making light of the situation. Staff members and counselors are in the building to talk to children who may have concerns.

"I try to pass in the hallways and watch and they know that we have an open door policy and they can come to me at anytime or the counselor or the assistant principal and I do feel like they feel comfortable and will come to us if they have any concerns," said Lindsey. 

School officials want to reiterate that their number one priority is to make students feel comfortable at school. We'll continue to follow this on-going investigation.

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