Four-legged officer now more protected than ever

An Indiana State Police Officer is the new owner of a bulletproof vest.

K9 Officer "Teague" was presented the new custom-fit vest from Trouw Nutrition USA. The company is doing this across the country.

The Indiana State Police has 39 police dogs and until today, Teague was the only one without a vest.

"It kind of gives you the peace of mind to know that he has (one)," says ISP State Trooper, Seth Rainey. "I'm usually following him, following his lead and just watching him and he's doing mostly all the work.  So now it's nice to know if he was involved in some kind of situation where this piece of equipment's on him and he can be safe."

Teague is trained in tracking and apprehending criminals and sniffing out drugs. Teague is one of 3 K9s at the ISP Post in Evansville.

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