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Hancock Co. program helps high school seniors get "work ready"


Another county in western Kentucky is seeking to earn a special work ready designation from the state and the focus is on what high school seniors plan to do after graduation. 

One of the things that's being focused on here at Hancock County High School is making sure that all students are prepared with the skills they need to succeed after graduation.

With students signing up for the "soft skills program" they're pledging to work a little harder and hopefully look better to their future bosses, than the competition.

It's that planning now that county officials hope will bring more jobs here in the future.

"It shows that you are willing to, you know, put in the time and effort to do your job," Natalee Wiliiams, Hancock Co. HS senior. 

"People are gonna be looking at, you know, your history in high school, and you're gonna want to be able to look back and say, you know, 'I worked really hard in high school," said Karl Kreisle, Hancock Co. HS senior. "I came to school,' and that's what people are gonna be looking for whenever you go look for a job," said Kreisle.

Soft skills include things like coming into work on time and being an overall good employee.

School officials point out that the program connects education and economics.

"We begin relationships with our local businesses, our local industries, and we're certifying the students, saying these students have met extra criteria. They are separating themselves from others," said Brad Goodall, College & Career Readiness Coordinator. 

The county has applied for a "Work Ready Community in Progress" designation

Having dependable future workers can help them earn that title.

"That's pretty much what every employer wants in an employee," said Natalee Wiliiams. 

The county should receive a final decision on its application in about a month.

25 graduating seniors are currently enrolled in the optional soft skills program. Those who are participating need to maintain a 2 point 5 GPA and be involved with other activities. 

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