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Ketchup rationed at Henderson Co. Schools

Henderson County Schools are keeping a closer watch on portion control. HCS says two packets of dipping sauces come with items like fries or hamburgers, but additional sauces cost extra.

14News Reporter, Laura McNutt talked with the District Nutrition Director today who says "the new policy is helping kids stay healthy and cutting down on waste in the lunchroom."

If you want a third or fourth packet of ketchup or other sauce, there's a 25-cent charge. "Henderson County High School has pump stations of ketchup and other sauces." says Jewell.

"Now they've switched to portion-packed condiments at the schools."

Jewell tells us that students aren't wasting as much ketchup and that another reason for the new policy are federal requirements under the "Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

"Schools must now count calories," says Jewell. "The charge for extra condiments helps cover the cost of the new packets and acts as a deterrent to students using too much dipping sauce."

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