Busy day!

Wooh!  Lots to talk about today and lots of pictures to share!  It's been a good day, full of a little bit of everything!  Sooo, let me start at the beginning.

First on the agenda: a trip to EVV for a ribbon cutting for their four new jet bridges.  I've been talking with the airport for a while about this project, so I'm glad I got to cover it.  I'm also glad it wasn't as cold as it was earlier this week while I had to shoot video outside on the tarmac.

Now, I probably shouldn't even mention this.  But, what the heck.  I was a split second away from possibly being fired today.  While out on the tarmac handing a microphone to the Airport Manager, something came loose on my tripod tipping it over.  Camera was "thissssss close" to hitting the concrete, and that, well.  That would have been really, really bad!  Thankfully, I have the reaction speed of a ninja and made the save:)

While I was shooting that video (post-near disaster), I noticed some airline employees laughing and taking pictures from the next jet bridge over.  I, being the nosy reporter I am, went over to see what was going on.  I'd seen one of them writing something on the ground.  Well, she was drawing this eye (which, yes, I did photograph upside down).

Why an eye, you might ask?  Apparently it's meant as a little guide to help the employees know how far to move the jet bridge when the plane comes up.

And, to be honest, I may not have explained that right.  I wasn't quite following what they were saying and admitted it to them:)  But, either way, a trick of the trade.  The tennis ball picture is another example!

After the airport, I had a little break before my next shoot, so I came back to the station.  While I was here, we heard a car may have run into North Park Library, so I headed there.  On the way, the station called to divert me to a "deceased body" call near the old North High School.  Got there and found out it wasn't a criminal situation and headed BACK to the station again.

Next up was a drive over to Caze Elementary to see a Harlem Globetrotter!  "Handles" Franklin stopped by ahead of next Tuesday's event at the Ford Center to show off his skills to the kids (who were VERY pumped up) and talk to them about an important issue: bullying.

I thought he did a GREAT job of keeping the kids engaged.  He kept things moving, which obviously is a good idea with little kiddos.  My favorite part of the whole event was toward the end when he had a group of students and a few teachers come up front to play a game with him.  In theory, it was simple.  He would throw the basketball to someone in a circle, and they just had to throw it back to him.  Except, when you have lots of crazy tricks moving the ball around your body and fake-throwing it, etc., it makes things more difficult.  Well, one of the kids he brought up was a little girl who I think was in pre-school or kindergarten.   When he threw it to her, he did it sooo softly just a few feet from her to make sure she'd catch it.  You know, trying to be nice.  Ha!  Little Miss Attitude didn't seem to like that too much!  She threw that ball back at him!  :)  He tried it again and she threw it harder, then had her hands on her hips.   Made me smile.  Very cute moment :)

My last stop of the day was at the Civic Center to see the Director of the Water & Sewer Utility.  We did a pretty routine interview about water bill changes.  Nothing too, too exciting there.  I did get to see my favorite deputy who works the security check-in at the Civic Center.  We got to catch up for a few minutes:)

All in all, a fairly busy, but enjoyable day!  Maybe it was good energy carrying over from 6am yoga?

Until next time,