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North Spencer County opening new preschool

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In November, the North Spencer School Corporation surveyed parents, to gauge interest in a new preschool.

School officials now tell us, parents were so strongly in favor of the idea, they are going to open five new preschool locations.

School officials at the four elementary schools and the Heritage Middle and High School, say Preschools will be opened at all five of these locations, starting next school year.

Julie Kemp, Principal at Chrisney and David Turnham Elementary schools says "Our parents are so excited about this opportunity. This is our next step. If we want to move this school corporation forward, it's by providing good opportunities for kids, prior to coming to school."

Two of five North Spencer Schools that will house a new preschool next year, thanks to strong support from parents in the school district.

"It really seems to be about, not a lack of quality within our school district, but a lack of accessibility. And parents want more accessibility. And they want, you know, convenience." Kemp says the new preschools will provide that convenience, by serving as a 'daycare service' as well.

"I'm extremely excited. I'll have a five-year-old next year. And I'm excited for him to attend the preschool, just because it's a great opportunity for him to be close to home and close to where I'm working." says Kate Kress, who teaches third grade at David Turnham Elementary.

She says school curriculum has stiffened in the past year, and that there has never been a better time to enroll children in school before kindergarten. Kress also says "It's never too early to start thinking about your child's education."

"We need kids who are coming ready," says Kemp. "We're not talking about coming ready, 'I can write my name and say my ABC's,' we're talking about coming ready to learn."

Kemp says the Preschool-Daycare package will likely cost between $90 and $110. It will be available to children ages three through five.

If you have further questions about registration, you are encouraged to contact the North Spencer County School Corporation.

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