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With calls for tighter gun control, O'boro gun shops see rise in business


With more calls for stricter gun control, business seems to increase at gun shops across the country. 

A gun store owner in Owensboro says that business usually picks up around Christmas time, but he says it hasn't slowed down after recent talks in Washington about strengthening gun control legislation.

Lance Barker is an avid hunter who drove an hour to Whittaker Guns in order to buy accessories for his firearms.

"I came into buy a few AR-15 parts because they are getting scarce and in high demand right now. Everything is selling out quickly. In order to reload for the guns I hunt with, I need powder primer," Barker said.

Darrel Whittaker, the owner of Whittaker Guns in Owensboro, says people have been buying everything off the shelves in his store for the past month. He thinks some of the increase in business has to do with gun owner's fear of more gun legislation.

"You have fellas that are afraid they are not going to get something that they want. You know, they are going to try to grab it up before he takes it away from them. Once he passes a bill to make it ten round mags because what you have is legal, but you can't get anymore of it," Whittaker said.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both support legislative proposals that ban military style assault weapons. Whittaker says that customers are buying more than assault rifles at his store.

"It's the most unusual thing I have ever seen. It's not assault weapons at all. It's shotguns, pistols, ammunition, everything," Whittaker said.

US Senator Paul says that allowing principals and teachers to be armed could be an effective measure to make schools safer. 

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