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Local gun dealers react to Obama's gun policy proposal

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Local gun dealers on Wednesday night are reacting to the president's statements.

Gun dealers 14 News spoke to in the Tri-State say they actually agree with parts of the president's statement on Wednesday- to allow for stricter gun rules and penalties.

But say the possible stipulations on firearms and ammunition won't solve any problems.

"This is an AR 15, it's a 223, shoots a 30 round magazine. This is a good example of what is being talked about," said Jason Brown with Lock and Load in Newburgh.

Gun dealers expect the president's proposed assault rifle ban will be met with great opposition.

Almost immediately after the Connecticut shooting, gun dealers say customers came in to buy rifles like the AR 15 and ammunition, fearing a ban like the one instated in 1994 to 2004.

"We've obviously tried it before and the statistics show that it didn't work, it didn't change anything. I think we are rehashing things that we already tried that were unsuccessful, but it's a knee jerk reaction by the government to do what they consider something," said Mark Saltzman of Strictly Shooting.

Another argument is whether limiting the amount of rounds in a magazine would actually prevent gun violence.

"I can take an unskilled shooter with a 30 round magazine, and a skilled shooter with 5 or 10 round magazine, and the skilled shooter will get the 5 magazines, 10 rounds a piece changed out before the unskilled shooter. The untrained shooter would with a 30 round. Again, that's where I say I don't think there is a huge correlation between magazine size, and basically, mental illness that leads to violence," Brown said.

Gun dealers say there are strict background checks for gun purchases even those bought online. The president hasn't said exactly what an expansion on those would be.

Gun dealers say including a history of mental illness would help.

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