The "Singing State Trooper"

Are you a fan of NBC's singing show "The Voice"?  I'll admit, I've never watched it.  (Whoops) BUT, if Indiana State Trooper Sgt. Kirby Stailey makes it on, I will!  I interviewed Stailey today about his hopes of a career in music.  He's been singing since age five and even has a couple of cds.  Now, he's on his way to Chicago for a second round of auditions!

Last Sunday, Kirby waited in line for five hours before he got to sing part of a song for a show producer.  He says 10 people went into the room at a time, and he was the only one in his group to move on!  Woo hoo!

Kirby sings country/Christian, and he is the REAL DEAL!  He sings once a month at the Rowboat Cafe in French Lick.  (Look for him this Saturday!)  I listened to his cds on the way home from French Lick (where he lives), and was impressed.  He was great in person, too.  And, according to the older woman who called the newsroom after the story aired, he has a great smile that made her feel like he was right there in the living room. :)


I will agree with her, Kirby was a pleasure to meet (his wife and daughter, too).  Just a really nice person and family.  They were patient with me while I rearranged things in their living room for the shoot, while I had him sing songs more than once, etc.  Couldn't have asked for a more agreeable subject :)

If you'd like to learn more about Kirby, check out his website  You can listen to more songs there, too!

Best of luck tomorrow, Sgt. Stailey!  We'll be rooting for ya!

Until next time,