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Update: Singing trooper's Voice dreams come to an end

For 20 years, Sgt. Kirby Stailey has loved his job as a state trooper. For 20 years, Sgt. Kirby Stailey has loved his job as a state trooper.
Now, he's chasing another dream. Now, he's chasing another dream.

UPDATE: We just learned that Sgt. Stailey will not be on the Voice... at least not this year.
He, unfortunately, got cut after the second round of auditions.
Stailey, who is an Indiana State Trooper, has worked for years as a K9 officer in the Jasper District.

"I've wanted to be a policeman since I was, since I was, as long as I can remember," Stailey said. After almost 20 years as a trooper, he was chasing another dream.

"I love being a policeman, but I think everyone has a passion other than the job that they do. For me, it's definitely music and singing," Stailey said.

When he is off duty, Sgt. Stailey is Kirby, the country singer. 

"It's soothing for me. It fills my soul" Stailey told 14 News. 

"He's got a great voice. Everybody around here loves him," said Pat Emmons, the owner of Rowboat Café. 

"I had a 7:00 a.m. audition Sunday morning and I had to be there at 7. I spent about five hours in line before I finally got in for my audition," Stailey said.

"I knew there was a lot of people trying out so there was not that many chances, but he did good," Addison Stailey, said. 

Addison is Stailey's 11-year-old daughter and she's being modest. Her dad didn't just do good, he did great.

"Facebook's going crazy. That's all you see is 'Kirby, Kirby,' Emmons said.  

His first audition was good enough to be invited to Chicago for round two.

"There's probably not very many people in this world that can say they actually do their recreation for an occupation. If I could find a way to do that someday, where I could do that for a living, that'd be a dream come true," Stailey told 14 News.  

Of course, we can't always catch up to the dreams we chase.

"I'm very proud of him for making it through just the first round. It's a big accomplishment," Addison said.

However, after his most recent audition in Chicago, Sgt. Stailey found out he was not invited to go to California to be on the show.

So even though it didn't work out this year, Stailey says the process has taught him a valuable lesson.

"Regardless of what you think the odds are or how impossible something is that through belief and faith you can do anything, and I think that's probably what I'll take away from it," Stailey said.

There's always next year, and the Tri-State is still proud of you, Sgt. Stailey.  

If you know someone still in the running for the upcoming season of 'The Voice,' let us know on there as well.

There's always more to the story, so check out Erin Meyer's blog about our singing trooper.

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