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O'boro road crews one step ahead of winter weather

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Some Owensboro and Daviess County residents woke up to slippery roads this morning, but for the most part, crews were able to stay one step ahead of the storm and avoid major problems.

You could probably call today the calm after the storm, especially now that the roads are starting to dry out, but there are still some lingering problems that you need to keep in mind.

Some of which you might not be able to see, according to salt truck driver Billy Tyler.

"There's black ice out there now still. I mean, that's what you gotta watch out for is ice and stuff like that," said Tyler. 

Fortunately, that ice is limited thanks to some earlier work.

"What helped us out a lot, we went out and pre-treated most all the major streets and everything before any of it got here," said Tyler. 

He's been helping to keep the roads clear for about six years and notes that work's a little busier this January.

"Oh yeah. We didn't have much of a winter last year," said Tyler. 

As temperatures continue to drop tonight, public works officials encourage drivers to watch out for problems spots like curves, intersections, and more.

"Overall in our area this evening, the elevated areas, I'm gonna say, would be the ones that would have more potential to be slick," said Wayne Shelton, Owensboro Public Works. 

Crews will continue watching the weather tonight and treat the roads as needed, but if you do plan on heading out, stay alert and aware.

Just take your time and be careful out there. There are some slick spots still and just take your time, get where you're going," said Tyler. 

Of course, crews will keep an eye on anything that might re-freeze, including bridges and overpasses.

Crews also want to reminder drivers that if you're behind or near a salt truck, give it enough room to treat the roads.

Try to avoid tailgaiting or passing one of them if you can. 

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