Residents Want the City to Step Up

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

While the floodwaters have receded, now there is the clean up of the mess that's left behind.
The city is looking at buying out homes or renovating the infrastructure. Residents are in agreement with the city, that they prefer buying out the homes, as the city sees it as the less expensive option.
The mayor and emergency management officials toured some of those neighborhoods Saturday.
Residents will have their opportunity to meet with the mayor Thursday at 5:30 in the Civic Centre, Room 318.
Residents in an evacuated neighborhood along Mill Road, are surveying their damage.
Residents were standing in the same place last year at this time, outside their homes with their flood damaged furniture unable to enter because of the damage and stench. They say they are sick of the constant flooding and want the city to step up.
Frustration from Lisa Sinclair on the southeast side of Evansville, said this last flood Friday night drowned out her home and it has been one too many times.
"Two years in a row, when we moved to the city we asked for help. I'm not coming back."

Beth Sims lives across the street and says she is sick of the damage destroying her home, "It makes me sick to my stomach, it happens time after time."

Emergency crews were out surveying the damage and they say state and federal help is on the way, but they are frustrated for the residents.

The mayor's office is listening,"It is a difficult situation and no one should have to live like this."

They are looking at plans to buyout homes in the area and renovate the sewer and drainage systems.

They want residents input, "We are trying to act as expeditiously as possible and we need resident input."

Lisa Sinclair commented, "I'm ready to get out. Mayor cut me a check and I'll leave you alone."